Hannah Faulkner – A New Name in the Music Scene

Hannah FWell, new to me at least; but actually Hannah started her music career about four years ago, working her way through hundreds of gigs both locally in the Northampton area but also at the O2 in London, Westfest, and Hardcore Til I Die in Spain (get me, I’m so hip.)

Hannah FaulknerShe’s got an EP coming out later this month, with three excellent tracks that she not only sings but has also written herself. If you’ve heard her previous recordings like Knight in Shining Armour and The One, produced in collaboration with Dougal and Gammer, you might be expecting something bright and clubtastic, but this new EP definitely spins off in a different direction. I’d describe her music style as a kind of folk rock; gritty and determined, with powerful, thoughtful lyrics, great tunes and warm, funky arrangements courtesy of her talented band.

Hannah Faulkner b/wThe title track, Alive, is a pacey, feel-good song about triumph over adversity; expressing an optimistic view on the future and sharing true friendship. It’s both lively and reflective at the same time, a really satisfying song that grows on you the more you hear it. Then there’s another song called Kick Me When I’m Down, full of defiance and vitriol against a bitch who’s revelled in trying to get the better of our Hannah, with a chorus that’s based on an invitation to swivel on her middle finger!

Hannah Faulkner green stageBut my favourite of the three songs on the EP is Did Your Mama, which starts off with a really slinky introduction and builds into this bittersweet account of a manipulating bullying guy who mistreats his women and Hannah’s no-nonsense advice to her girlfriend that she’s got to get rid of him. Did your mama never teach you nothing about how to treat a woman? I’m guessing not. Soulful and heartfelt, this is a song that really gets under your skin.

H FaulknerThe EP will be available on 28th February and if you like the sound of Hannah and her work you can find out more at her website where there are links to videos and interviews as well as the dates for all her upcoming gigs and an online shop. If you click here you can hear extracts from the EP so you can judge her style for yourself. I think she’s pretty special – see what you think!!

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