The Edinburgh Fringe 3-Nighter – 20 shows in 70 hours! First show – Funny for a Grrrl

The Edinburgh Fringe. The stuff that dreams are made of. Mrs Chrisparkle and I have promised year after year to visit Edinburgh during the festival, but never made it. Until this year, that is! From Friday 8th until Monday 11th August, we have a massive number of shows to see and I am really looking forward to the challenge.

There’s no way I will have the time to blog each show in the detail that I normally do. So instead, the plan is for me to preview each show in advance, and then blog my instant reaction afterwards to see if it lived up to expectations. Will it work? There’s only one way to find out. So, gentle reader, if you feel inclined, keep visiting back over these three or four days to see what we’ve been up to. There’ll be a fresh blog entry for each show.

Mary BourkeOur first show is Funny for a Grrl at the Stand in the Square, 17:15 on Friday 8th. Each show has a different line-up, and ours should feature Mary Bourke (who we’ve seen three times at the local Screaming Blue Murder comedy club and she’s always terrific) and three others. I’ve been refreshing the Stand Comedy Club page all week but the line-up is still “to be confirmed”. What do I expect? Four very funny female comics, each doing a 15 minute stand-up slot. What do I hope? That you don’t need to have had a few drinks to find them funny – although who says that by 5.15 on our first afternoon in Edinburgh we might not already have had a little something. We’ve got to eat before all these shows, after all. What do I fear? Out of place hecklers, being in the front row and any one of the comics drying up. Check back after 6.15pm to find out how it went! And a preview of the next show we’re going to see should be on the blog by then too.

If you’re in Edinburgh – have fun!

Well it was a great start! In a yurt in the rain, we were entertained by not only Mary Bourke on great form but also three ladies called Jade, Alison and Harriet – I’ll have to check back to get their surnames. It was good fun, punchy and very funny. Definitely recommended!

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