The Edinburgh Fringe 3-Nighter – Quint Fontana, I Remember Me

Quint FontanaI wanted to see some new stand-up comics in Edinburgh – as well as some old favourites. Quint Fontana is new to me – his show is described as: “Quint Fontana is back, and he remembers who he is! Once the blue-eyed boy of British pop, now a bona fide showbiz legend, Quint Fontana recalls the songs, stories, triumphs and tragedies that have made him the mega star he is today. Some men drink to forget, Quint Fontana drinks to remember…and he’s thirsty!” I started to watch one of his youtube clips and he looks hysterical, but I didn’t watch any more as I didn’t want it to spoil the surprise of the show. So I’m expecting an hour of fictitious reminiscences of a hasbeen pop idol, and I’m hoping for some brilliant comedy songs and sheer escapist comedy. The show’s on at the Voodoo Rooms at 21:50 – I just hope we get there on time. Check back around 11pm for instant reactions, and a preview of our last show of the evening!

I thought he was brilliant! Great comic persona, really funny songs, excellent rapport – I’d happily see him again. I will be singing Girl Girl Girl Girl Girl for ages – in all the key changes, and in the Senegalese version. Really recommend this show!

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