The Edinburgh Fringe 3-Nighter – The Importance of Being Earnest as performed by Three F*cking Queens and a Duck

The Importance of Being EarnestGentle reader, it took me literally months of planning to work out which shows to book for during our marathon Edinburgh weekend. I wanted to see things that wouldn’t normally come to Northampton, that would push boundaries, challenge us, make us think, make us laugh, and generally be shocking. Noel Coward is perfect for a light weekend matinee but I wanted something with more oomph for the fringe. Thus I chose The Importance of Being Earnest as performed by Three F*cking Queens and a Duck, the 20:35 performance at The Space on North Bridge by Australia’s Out Cast Theatre. The title alone made us both burst out laughing, so we just knew we had to see it.

We’d seen the Oxford Shakespeare Company do a hilarious version of Earnest a few years ago so I know it lends itself extremely well to being messed around with. That show had a male actor playing Lady Bracknell and he was perfection. So I’m expecting some seriously amusing camp, and a cleverly abridged version of the play, as it comes in at a mere fifty minutes – not sure Wilde could have done that. I’m hoping for a riot of laughter, and I’ve absolutely no idea where the duck will come in. Check back sometime after 9.30pm for my instant reaction. The preview for our next show will be online by then too.

It was funny – performed with lots of gusto and short enough for the joke not to wear thin! It won’t change your life but not everything has to!

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