The Edinburgh Fringe 3-Nighter – Trainspotting

TrainspottingOur next show is Trainspotting at 18:45 at Hill Street Drama Lodge, performed by In Your Face Theatre. It’ll be a bit of a rush to get there, as Funny for a Grrrl only finishes half an hour beforehand and it’s an estimated ten minutes’ walk to the venue. Still, fingers crossed. I think Trainspotting is a brilliant, harrowing story. The film is excellent, and Mrs Chrisparkle and I saw a stage production of it at the Wycombe Swan many many years ago. What particularly excites me about seeing this again is the fact that it is staged as a promenade performance. Depending on how they do it, it may be that one can get very close to the action, interweaving with it almost, which I think will make it even more gripping. That’s my hope at any rate. Certainly I’m expecting gritty, in your face (as their company name suggests) realism, terrifyingly black humour, and a lot of uncomfortable moments. Come back some time after 8pm to see how it went. And a preview of our next show will probably be on the blog by then too.

Wow that was really powerful! Brilliant staging, superb performances, no holds barred on the violence and the filth – it’s kind of stunned us into silence! Great stuff.

PS I’ve written a fuller review of it here if you’re interested!

5 thoughts on “The Edinburgh Fringe 3-Nighter – Trainspotting

  1. It would be amazing, we would love to hear your extended thoughts, audiences are loving it we have had unbelievable tweets, but although some critic get it there are some that haven’t. We would love to hear your full views as one who seems who did.

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