The Edinburgh Fringe 3-Nighter – Away From Home

Away From HomeBack to drama now with Away From Home, produced by Hartshorn-Hook Productions and played by Rob Ward. I remembered reading about this one man play last year and thought that it sounded very interesting, as it deals with the thorny (and consistently relevant) issue of gay sportsmen and women being unable to come out for fear of the effect on their career. Here’s the description: “Kyle is comfortable with his life as an escort until he is hired by a premiership footballer and finds himself falling in love. But can Kyle maintain a relationship with a closeted footballer in a country where not one pro player is out? Can he cope with love when, for him, sex has only ever been a transaction? Can he ever tell his friends, and his family, the truth? An edgy, moving and subversive one-man show laced with sharp humour, going in for a hard tackle on football’s last taboo.”

I’m expecting quite a moving, thought-provoking play, and I hear that Mr Ward is brilliant in the role. I hope it will be one of those plays where you come out (no pun intended) of it a different person from the one who went in. High hopes then! It’s written by Rob Ward and Martin Jameson, who is also the director. It’s on at the Assembly George Square Theatre at 15:20, so hopefully I’ll be here with my initial reactions around 4.30pm. The preview for the next show should be available then too.

Very well written play and with a superb performance from Rob Ward – an incredible feat of memory too. Lots to think about with that one – raises difficult questions and offers some difficult answers. Very enjoyable.

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