The Edinburgh Fringe 3-Nighter – Babysitters

BabysittersNext up – if we get there on time – is Thrust Stage’s Babysitters, a black comedy that won Best Play at the Durham Drama Festival in 2013. It’s described: “Tommy and Dave, babysitters for a violent crime-boss, while away the hours playing Cluedo, eating Chinese food and wondering what’s going to happen to the man tied up in the cupboard. Their job is simple: lie low, keep watch and await instructions. But when their orders finally come through, boredom turns to mayhem as the pair are plunged into a hilarious, blood-fuelled nightmare with disastrous consequences.” Sounds like a latter day Joe Orton piece, and I’m hoping for some great Ortonesque observations. If I have a fear, it’s that it will be like Mojo, of which I wasn’t particularly fond. It’s on at C Cubed at 22:30, so I’ll try for some feedback before midnight, and the final preview of the day will be up around the same time.

Not very Ortonesque really. A rather odd and unbalanced play which started well but deteriorated somewhat. I liked the two hopeless guys at the beginning, but when Barry and George join them later on, I didn’t really find them credible I’m afraid. Nice try, but it didn’t work for me.

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