The Edinburgh Fringe 3-Nighter – Bromance

BromanceAnd now our first taste of Edinburgh Fringe dance/physical theatre. I booked for us to see Bromance because I thought it sounded funny but primarily I was absolutely mesmerised by the promotional photo of the three guys from Barely Methodical, the company staging the show. From the description: “Frenetic but friendly. Captivating but casual. Audacious but awkward. Barely Methodical Troupe, winners of the UK’s first circus competition Circus Maximus, fuse their inner frats with a dazzling tour-de-force of cutting edge circus prowess and physical theatre mayhem. Join one of the UK’s hottest new circus ensembles as they walk the line between the pugnacious and the poignant in this hilarious, bitter-sweet and down-right jaw-dropping celebration of everything blokey – where handshakes become handstands, and back-slaps become back-flips”. I’m expecting a dazzling display of dance/circus skills and hoping for a really entertaining blend of choreography and story-telling. The place – Underbelly, Bristo Square; the time – 16:55. I’ll aim to give you feedback shortly after 6pm, and the preview for the next show will follow shortly after.

That was good fun! A combination of comedy, acrobatics and origami (well it played a small part). Not to undervalue it, we both thought it would be great on a European cruise ship – those Italians and Spanish would love it. If you’re going to see this, can I suggest that if you can’t sit in the front row, go quite a long way back to get good height. We didn’t get quite enough height and so missed some of their low level trickery. If you love a bit if circus and tumbling, you’ll love this!

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