The Edinburgh Fringe 3-Nighter – Russell Grant: Strictly Edinburgh

Russell GrantWell you can’t deny I’ve put together a varied programme for us at Edinburgh! We’re off to the Gilded Balloon at 18:45 to see Russell Grant’s Strictly Edinburgh show, which I’m sure will be packed full of song and showbiz, and a few nifty dance moves in between – plus a lot of Russell’s legendary camp humour. Here’s the description: “Reach for the stars as the nation's darling rockets into town with a showbiz extravaganza that'll have you dancing in the aisles. Filled with magic and sparkle, get ready for a barn-storming, foot-tapping, feel good hour to lift your spirits and have you wreathed in smiles. This is the ultimate happy hour! It's a fun-packed party! Come in feeling blue and leave feeling strictly fablas! No room for party-poopers! Leave your worries at the door and your dancing feet well and truly on the floor!” Well if it delivers all that, we will be well chuffed! I’ll report back around 8pm and also preview our next show around the same time. By the way – this marks our halfway point in Edinburgh – ten shows done, ten to go!

Well both Mrs Chrisparkle and I have danced with Russell Grant – although she got a bit closer with a cheek to cheek waltz! (I just showed him my disco moves) Very enjoyable show where Russell takes a trip down memory lane reflecting on his career and giving us all the maximum chance of joining in. Great if you’re a Strictly fan!

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