The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – Follow The Faun

Follow the FaunThe third of our one-man shows this evening, but I’m expecting this to be a little more free-form. It’s Follow The Faun at the Spotlites Studio theatre, show starting at 21:40. “Think the pied piper… on acid… in heels… A multi-dimensional light-being on a mission of love and pleasure – would like to take you higher than the mortal man can measure. On a seething, soaring, flying, flipping, magic road ahead: He’ll take you on a journey if you’re happy to be led. Fusing mythical storytelling, immersive theatre and ecstatic dance. Follow The Faun on a shamagical journey to another dimension! Guaranteed to move your body, blow your mind, open your heart and tickle your fancy! ‘Ludicrous, giddy and strangely intoxicating’ (Matt Trueman,”

He's not a real Faun“Warnings: The production involves movement and audience participation”. I reckon this is going to be a hippytastic communing-in with Mother Earth which will either be simply extraordinary or fall flat on its face. Let’s hope it’s the former. My guess is that its success could well rely on how well or otherwise the audience play along and let their inhibitions go. I can be (reasonably) uninhibited in the theatre, so I’ll give it my best shot! I don’t know to what extent it’s scripted, but I’m fascinated to find out.

Faun in actionI’ve also discovered this description online: “Each 45-minute performance integrates the spiritual, visceral, theatrical and comical and includes high energy disco, musical theatre ballads, and rousing anthems for a Love Revolution. The audience become the cast as they are taken on an interactive magical dance adventure with The Faun as their guide, narrator and choreographer. Each will experience a joy ride of emotions as they dance their way through a fairytale kingdom of delights. This is choral theatre, meets dance workshop, meets shamanic journey, meets stand-up comedy.” Doesn’t that sound too good to miss?

The Faun himself seems to be the creation of actor/dancer Andy Black, so I’m slightly disappointed to discover he’s not a real faun. But I’m willing to suspend disbelief! Check back sometime after 10.30pm to see if Mrs Chrisparkle and I have been whisked off to pixieland. And the preview blog for our last show tonight should be up and running by then too.


That is the sweatiest I’ve ever come out of a show! Part work-out part mystical experience, everything you’d expect from a night on LSD but much healthier! Great fun. 

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