The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – Close Up

Close UpAnd so to the first show of our Edinburgh week to come under the category of “Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus” – Close Up, performed by Australian circus troupe Circa at 20:00 at the Underbelly, George Square. Here’s the blurb: “How close do you want to be? Four extraordinary circus artists. Acrobatic mastery at its most extreme. Circa, the company behind five-star productions Beyond and multi award-winning Wunderkammer, challenge everything you’ve thought about circus as they wrench back the curtain and bring you the glorious, chaotic abstraction Close Up. See. Hear. Feel. Everything. Nothing’s off-limits in their most intimate show. Interactive video and powerful music set the scene for moments of raw beauty, unbearable tension and savage physical intensity. Discover why ‘watching Circa has become my new favourite Fringe pastime’ ***** (Scotsman). Close Up? You’ve never been closer.”

Close Up in rehearsalThere’s a very interesting piece in the Guardian about this production which tells you everything you need to know about it. So it appears that four circus performers will do acrobatics at very close quarters to the audience – I can’t quite imagine how that will work. I hope we don’t get thumped a lot by stray limbs; but I’m sure they’ve thought this through. “Raw beauty, unbearable tension and savage physical intensity” – what’s not to like?

Close Up acrobatsCheck back shortly after 9.00 to see how close up we got to the action. Although there isn’t a lot of time between this show finishing and the next one starting, so please bear with me if you have to wait a little longer for our reactions. You’ll see the details of the next show by then too.


Very exciting show with four very strong and entertaining acrobats doing some amazing things! Not quite sure how “close up” it was in all honesty but it was a sure crowd pleaser! Watch out for the Chinese pole and the guy who bends his feet backwards! 

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