The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – Tats Nkonzo: The African With Wifi

Tats Nkonzo The African with WifiI like to go out on a punt (not just on the River Cherwell) with comedians who I don’t know from Adam in the hope that they will be good. Something about the description about Tats Nkonzo gave me confidence to book: “’One of the best acts to happen to South African comedy’ (Argus).’I wrote this show so I could tell the world how Simba really felt after Mufasa’s death. The people deserve to know the truth’ (Tats Nkonzo). Fresh from the Ebola ward (joking), and now performing his UK and Edinburgh debut (not joking), Tats Nkonzo: The African With Wifi will have you laughing whilst changing your perspective on everything you thought you knew about the continent of Africa. And yes, there’s wifi. Unlimited.”

Tats NkonzoSo there you go, not much more I can say really. The show starts at 21:30 at the Pleasance Courtyard – The Attic and I’m hoping for lots of laughs. He shares tweets with Trevor Noah so he must be pretty good! I believe he has a guitar. This can be both a good and a bad thing. Check back after the show, shortly after 10.30 and I’ll let you know. There’s not a lot of time before our last show, so if I don’t get round to my “instant reaction” then, I will before bedtime, promise! Check back anyway, so you’ll find out where we are going to end up this evening.


Well I played a couple of parts in that one – AIDS and sufferer of Erectile Dysfunction. Like,  great. Tats is a brilliant communicator and naturally very funny guy. He had a spectacular walk-out by a very drunk and aggressive git, which can’t have been easy to cope with. More fool him. We loved his act and will certainly watch for him in the future! 

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