The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – The Iraq Pack – Live from Das Vegas (or Dead)

The Iraq PackOK so our final show of the day might not be one of the most tasteful but if it works, it should be one of the funniest things ever: The Iraq Pack – Live from Das Vegas (or Dead). Here’s the blurb: “Back from their unsuccessful world tour, the singing dictators of dark cabaret have come to Edinburgh. The comedy war machine that is Frank Sanazi, Dean Stalin, Saddami Davis Jnr and Osama Bin Crosby, or the Four Crooners of the Apocalypse, as they are known, will unleash such extreme renditions as Strangers on My Flight, Arranged Marriage, Ain’t That a Shot in the Head, and Mein Way on an unsuspecting public. This show is not for the faint-hearted. ‘Brilliantly stupid, fantastically wrong and ridiculously funny’ (Scotsman).”

Frank SanaziThis cabaret from hell takes place at the Ballroom at the Voodoo Rooms at 23:05 and if it’s as slick as Frank Sanazi’s website it’s going to be a really clever parody of Rat Pack performances with a dictatorial twist. This show could test one’s ability to laugh further than one’s usual taste boundaries – I hope it does. Check back after midnight to see just how Reich-shattering it was. And I’ll also be previewing the first of tomorrow’s shows. Thanks again for following our progress today, if you’re in Edinburgh, I hope you’re having fun!


That’s definitely a contender for the most offensive show I’ve ever seen and that includes The Book of Mormon! Frank Sanazi and the team leave no pun untold with their witty rewritings of the Rat Pack classics. The fact that they can really sing in the style means that it genuinely works, and I thought Osama bin Crosby’s voice was superb. Dino Stalin was unavailable so in best Fringe tradition, someone stepped in to help – Christ himself, fresh from his Christ on a Bike show. Sickeningly un-PC, and brilliant.

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