The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – The Wedding Reception

The Wedding ReceptionHere’s something a bit different! Not only do you get to see a show, you get a meal too – and it ought to be quite a good meal as we will be taking part in The Wedding Reception at 12noon at the B’est Restaurant. “They may share the names of the world’s most famous couple, but this Will and Kate are far from royal! Their dream was for a small intimate wedding, but with everyone else planning something huge, the couple eloped. Now they’re back for the big reception, to which – like it or not – everyone is invited. As a guest at their wedding party, enjoy a three course meal and a rollercoaster ride as fun and frolics unfold … and hopefully not much fighting! A brand new immersive comedy from the producers of Faulty Towers the Dining Experience.”

Embarrassed groomMany years ago I saw a Murder Mystery play performed as part of a dining experience and it was incredible fun. I’m hoping this is going to be similar. We’ve already placed our special request for a gluten-free meal for Mrs Chrisparkle, and I have every confidence they will get it right (she’s in trouble if they don’t). Produced by Interactive Theatre International, I have high hopes for this one. I understand four actors take on nine roles so there should be a lot of manic running around and light-hearted fun. I also expect a bride to be in tears at some point – they usually end up that way in my experience. I hope we get on ok with our fellow dining guests – I’m sure we will, after all, everyone is going to be there to enjoy some good fun.

should be a hootIt runs for two hours so please back around 2.15 to see if we got indigestion, and if we think the marriage is going to last. By then the next show preview should be available too.


Well that is every bit as extraordinarily hilarious as I’d hoped. We laughed and laughed and laughed. I ended up being Bob, who had made the cake (which was a bit of a disaster) and also revealed as the groom’s mystery sperm donor father. I can’t recommend it more strongly. And the cast of four, who take 9 roles between them are totally brilliant. A must see. 

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