The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – Feast

FeastAfter a lunch break, I’m not entirely sure it’s good timing for us to go and see Feast, 15:55 at the Zoo – Sanctuary. You’ll understand why when you read the blurb: “A show about food. The evolution of humanity through the triptych of a daily routine: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Multi award-winning Clout Theatre return with their most ambitious project to date: a visual feast which traverses drastically different styles from primal movement to clown, to multimedia. This excessive, anarchic and wordless piece is peppered with absurdity, gourmandise and overtones of cannibalism. ‘Experts in the grotesque’ (Exeunt). ‘Ridiculous, hilarious, baffling and unnerving … a sheer pleasure’ **** (Scotsman). Developed with support from Battersea Arts Centre, Jackson’s Lane, Tiyatro Medresesi, The BikeShed Theatre and Arts Council England.”

Feast - grimyClout’s website has a video trailer for the show and I must admit it looks pretty grotesque. My favourite review quote was from Everything Theatre “Left me unable to look at a melon the same way again”. But I’m really fascinated to see this show to find out what it has to say about man’s relationship with food, the excesses, the exploitations, and the harm. As one who is partial to occasional overloading in the eating department, I’m hoping it will curb my appetite for later – but I’m also hoping it will be a visceral theatrical experience which will have a longer lasting impact. Let’s see! Check back some time after 5pm to see if we’re reaching for the Rennies, and also to see what show is next on our agenda.


Grotesque is a polite word for what that is. Elements of humour drowned out by sheer tastelessness, but, above all, thoroughly boring! What a shame. I wonder if he ever did extract that cherry tomato from his arse? Mrs C didn’t go for the simulated sex between a cucumber and a melon. I thought that was one of the better parts. Says everything you need to know. Pretentious twaddle! 

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