The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – Keith Farnan: Anonymous

Keith Farnan AnonymousAfter all that afternoon food abuse, I definitely think it’s time for some comedy. So at 18:00 we’re off to the Underbelly Cowgate (Belly Dancer) to see Keith Farnan: Anonymous. Here’s what the promotional blurb has to say: “Liberty. Privacy. Comedy. Irish comedian Keith Farnan (Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow) tries to combine these three elements before the first two disappear. Every day, more of our personal data is either given away, acquired in the interest of national security, or sold to the highest bidder. But maybe we don’t really need our privacy, so let’s start by getting rid of curtains and go from there, shall we? ‘Artful, satirical … with a lightness of touch and a hefty helping of roguish Celtic charm’ (Sunday Times).”

Keith FarnanWe saw Mr Farnan at one of our regular Screaming Blue Murder nights in Northampton a couple of years ago and he was absolutely brilliant, so I have very high hopes of an hour full of intelligent observations flavoured with Irish whimsy. Lack of privacy is a real hot topic so I’m sure this is going to be full of highly relevant stuff. Check back when it’s all over – say shortly after 7pm and I’ll let you know! And then you can also read about our next, rather special, show this evening.


Well that was a great laugh, based on some interesting and alarming facts about Internet security, specifically how governments could do what they like with the information we and the likes of Google feed them. I must be looking older as Mr Farnan pointed out that I averaged up the age of the audience – not offended, honest. Great connection with the crowd, highly recommended!

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