The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – Madman Marathon Man

Madman Marathon ManSo next, we’ll be watching Tops and Tales’ Madman Marathon Man at 12:35 at TheSpace @ Surgeon’s Hall Theatre 3 on Monday 17th August – its first performance at Edinburgh. Here’s the blurb: “Matt has been losing his best friend Sam to sport for years. In order to save their friendship, he’s going to become the one thing that’s been driving a wedge between them – a modern sports star. His aim is simple – encapsulate everything that a modern star represents and take it to the extreme. Glory, pride, discrimination and tabloid disgrace multiplied by 10. How far will he go? Only one way to find out. ‘Hilarious and heartfelt’ **** ( ‘Weird but wonderful’ **** (”

Another Madman Marathon ManThis sounds like a very intriguing little play. A satire on a society that idolises sports stars and worships everything about them, no matter how crass or stupid their behaviour. Mrs Chrisparkle and I are not big on the cult of celebrity, but are rather partial to armchair sport so I think this is going to suit us right down to the ground. Written by Matt Squance and performed by him and his friend Sam Tomlinson, I suspect this will be a subtle blend of fiction and reality – will be fascinating to see how well it works. Check back around 1.45 to see our instant reactions. And by then the next preview blog should be available.


A quirky little play, with two guys trying to out-do each other in the fitness stakes, in the quest to achieve super sports stardom – and I think it’s fair to say that might elude them! Some very funny moments, especially when Matt started to chat up Mrs C in his search for a suitable WAG; and I loved the creation of the sports star potion. The show gels together on the strength of the guys’ likability and I will never think of Jessica Ennis the same way again! 

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