The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Edinburgh CastleFor years I have faithfully watched the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo on television, broadcast on the August Bank Holiday Monday around teatime but always much more atmospheric if you record it and watch it with a bottle of wine around 11pm when it’s not a school night. East Meets WestThere was always something so respectful and reassuring about the late Tom Fleming’s commentary, and I really miss his voice.

Tattoo seatingSo we are both really looking forward to seeing this at 9pm tonight, Monday 17th August. I booked our tickets way back in December when they first went on sale so I’m hoping I chose wisely – Row N of Section 9. I note that this performance of the Tattoo will be one where the TV cameras will be present, so that adds an extra frisson! The theme of this year’s Tattoo is “East Meets West”, and apparently we can expect “a spine-tingling presentation [that] will include pipers, drummers, singers and dancers as well as one of the world’s most sensational percussion groups, Switzerland’s Top Secret Drum Corps.”

Top Secret Drum CorpsCheck back once it’s all over – not sure how long each show lasts to be honest, but I presume sometime after 11pm. And then you can see where we’ll end up for our late night show.


Such colour! Such sound! Such spectacle! A really enjoyable and skilful performance, even if the Top Secret guys from Switzerland dropped a drumstick or two. The TV makes it look smaller. Definitely something everyone should see at least once!

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