The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – Aardwolf Presents: Wet Behind the Ears

Wet Behind the EarsA last minute change to our programme, as a result of the change of timing for Ozymandias – but it gives us an opportunity for some late night stand-up which is always welcome. Here’s the promotional blurb for Aardwolf Presents: Wet Behind the Ears:Scott Walker “Wet Behind the Ears brings you the finest new comedy talent from across the country. This year Mancunians Scott Walker and Ben Wearmouth, Stoke-ess Jo D’Arcy and Brummie boy Tom Christian take to the stage to show you why they’ve madeBen Wearmouth such a splash on their local comedy circuits. If I were you I’d come and see them for free, before they get on telly and start charging £25 a ticket!”

I’ve done my best to research these four comics online and Jo D'Arcyonly had a certain degree of success; none of them is on Chortle (my usual comic reference site) or ComedyCV; but I think I found their twitter feeds so I can vouch that they all definitely exist and do some comedy. So let’s give the guys a go! It means staying Tom Christianup till midnight (gosh!) before it starts at Laughing Horse @ the Counting House. I guess that also means I’ll feedback our instant reactions sometime after 1am! And you can find out how we’ll be starting our Wednesday too.


Back in our hotel room after a day at the fray. That final show was fascinating – I enjoyed it more than Mrs Chrisparkle, who didn’t enjoy it much, although I definitely heard her laugh quite a few times! We only had three of our promised four comics and, guys, I want to give you honest feedback. With better material, you could all be successful. I really liked Scott’s attacking style and the rapport he set up with the audience. He could nearly get away with murder but we’d still be on his side.  Just needs punchier punchlines. Jo probably had the best material but it needed more structure and the ability to follow funnier tangents when the opportunity arises. Tom, the material with the letters went on way too long. Trust in your own personality to give us those little observations about life that we all can recognise. 

To be fair, a really hot room doesn’t help the atmosphere, and I still found plenty to laugh at with all three comics, but they all needed more. Good luck!

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