The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – Cleansed

CleansedEarlier this year we went to Sheffield and saw Blasted as part of their Sarah Kane season. It was the first time we had seen a Kane play – I had always wanted to – and I found it fascinating. It stimulated my interest in her work, so when I saw that Fear No Colours were performing two of Sarah Kane’s plays in Edinburgh this summer, I knew I had to book for both of them. So the first is Cleansed, at 13:00 at C Nova – Studio 1. Here’s the blurb: “Sarah Kane’s darkly passionate play turns the heart into a torture camp where losing love is a fate worse than death. And this love is the most violent thing in the world. Loss of love is the loss of self, and anything may be endured to avoid that. In a torture institution of the heart, the indestructibility of love creates a waking nightmare where not even death offers a way out. Explore the violence of love and love’s catastrophe in a language that pushes the boundaries of theatrical representation to the absolute extreme. Welcome to our sensible hell.”

Cleansed furtherFormed in 2015 by students and graduates from the University of Glasgow’s theatre department this will be Fear No Colours’ first appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe, and I’m looking forward to seeing the same group of young actors perform both plays in daily repertoire. That must be a challenge! It’s a fairly shocking play to read so I will be interested to see how the shock on the page translates to the stage. Check back shortly after 2.15 to see our reactions, and also to discover what delights await us next!


Was that worth seeing or was that worth seeing! Amazingly mature and technically brilliant performances from this young cast. This is very physical theatre in a confined space but they work every available inch of it with huge invention and terrific control. Sarah Kane doesn’t give you much to work on regarding stage directions but I can’t imagine how this play could have been better staged. If you like a challenge in the theatre this is a must see. Congrats all round!

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