The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – Liberation

LiberationOne of the criteria for choosing shows to see in Edinburgh is to select productions that are highly unlikely, for whatever reason, to make it to our hometown of Northampton. I could stake good money that Liberation wouldn’t be seen in the hallowed portals of the Royal and Derngate. For one thing, they’d never get the paint stains off. Confused? Perhaps the blurb will help: “Paint is thrown onto the naked body, as art and theatre combine in an explosion of colour and movement. Liberation is a theatrical dissection of modern life, an exploration into what it means to be liberated. We’re born into a system that always has us preparing for something that’s going to happen and conditions us to be in desperate need of a future. This thought provoking piece examines ‘the life that never gets there’ through dance, theatrical clowning, live music, choral singing and exquisite imagery. A vivid and visceral experience. Sometimes violent, sometimes beautiful, always messy.”

LIberation faceWe celebrated Holi in India a couple of years ago but it was nothing like this. The Alchemist Theatre Company have put together a piece that I think will be riotous in its abandon, appealing to the playful child in us all, and a great leveller; but spare a thought for the poor ASM who’s got to clean it all up afterwards. It’s on at 18:00 at Zoo Southside – Main House. Does coloured paint make a naked body sexier or funnier? Or both? Come back after it’s finished, around 7.00pm and I’ll let you know what we thought. And you can see what we’ve got next in store this evening.


If you were a great dancer, and had no qualms about getting your kit off, I think you’d have enormous fun performing in Liberation. This is full of wit and humour, and is a colourful spectacle of dance and innocent nudity. If it has one message, it’s don’t stop playing. It’s very well choreographed and the music is terrific too. I liked the surprise contribution of the musicians! Really enjoyable – and yes, definitely not the kind of thing you’re likely to see back home!

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