The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – The King of Monte Cristo

King of Monte CristoIf we’re awake early enough, Tuesday 18th August will start with a 11:05 visit to TheSpace on the Mile – Space 1 to see Watch This’ The King of Monte Cristo. Here’s how the blurb describes it: “An award-winning, narcissistic writer director duo are set to stage their fifth play together. But things go wrong when the writer turns up to the first rehearsal with a completely different script. Joining them (and complicating things) are their eclectic cast – a Hollywood superstar, an actor who thinks Harold Pinter is a brand of posh paint thinner, a soap opera star with an inferiority complex, and a shy, polite and baffled first-timer. The King of Monte Cristo is a fast-paced comedy about the trials of the creative process and the temptations of success.”

Watch ThisI like plays or songs that are about the creative process so I’m hoping this will have some interesting things to say about clashes of creative personalities. It should at least have some laugh-out-loud moments of theatrical absurdity! Watch This are the Drama Society of the University of Birmingham who appear (from what I can see) to concentrate on improvisational comedy. I have a feeling I might like this more than Mrs Chrisparkle, but time will tell! Check back sometime after noon and I’ll give you our instant reactions. And then you can also check out the next show we’re going to see!


Going to bed at 2:45am so seeing this play is on the critical list – I reckon it ain’t gonna happen! 

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