The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – Macaroni on a Hotdog

Macaroni on a HotdogAnd already it’s Wednesday! Our first show today (19th August) is the slightly gut-wrenching-sounding Macaroni on a Hotdog. Here’s what the promotional blurb has to say: “Everyone has a wedding disaster story, this family has 50. Inspired by true events, one actor plays six characters in this cringeworthy one act. Weenies, weddings and wipeout! The fun in this family is in the dysfunction. A sell-out, top 10 show at its debut in the Minnesota Fringe, reviewers judged it a must-see. One actor, six characters and lots of laughs. Five-star reviews for Sandra Thomas’s last appearance in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, (The Property Known as Garland, 2012).”

Sandra ThomasI’m not sure the title and the synopsis really go together, but I suspect there’ll be some grossing-out involved somewhere along the line – or else the photograph is misleading too. I rather like her description on her Facebook page: “Sandra Thomas stars in a one woman show, Macaroni on a Hotdog. A stunning performance full of lust, loss and lots of noodles.” Sounds like the perfect pre-lunch show! It’s on at 11:35 at TheSpace @ Surgeon’s Hall – Theatre 3, so I’ll let you know whether it satisfied the soul or gave us indigestion when I feedback instant reactions around 12.45. By then the next preview blog will be up and running for you to peruse too!


That is one very funny little play! Sandra Thomas does a great job with all the different characters and there were a few scenes where I was literally shaking with laughter. Beautifully written and highly entertaining – definitely one to see!

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