The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – Real Life Becomes a Rumour

Real Life10:00 in the morning is a bit early for breakfast on holiday, let alone seeing a play, but with any luck at least one of us will make this one! Real Life Becomes a Rumour is a new play courtesy of the White Box Theatre Company. Here’s the blurb: “In a new pitch black comedy, three ‘salesmen’ reunite in a shabby apartment in the middle of nowhere. What begins as a light-hearted affair soon turns into a much darker occasion, as the three men’s jovial discourse becomes tinged with threats and aggression. Soon an unexpected fourth guest arrives, an ambivalent figure who raises the tension even further. The audience watches as a game of one-upmanship cascades into a wild power struggle, as more of each character’s shady past is revealed.”

Real Life Becomes a RumourSounds intriguing! I’m hoping for some good meaty morning drama and maybe a few neat twists. Writer Tom George and director Joe Taylor make up half the cast and it will be interesting to see their commitment to the performance – I’m sure it will be great! The show is on at TheSpace @Surgeon’s Hall – Theatre 1 and lasts an hour so check back shortly after 11.00 to see how we got on, and what our next show will be.


An intriguing little play, involving gangsters, murder and charades, so not without its fair share of black humour. Convincingly performed with some neat twists and a nicely ambiguous ending. 

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