The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – A Face That Fits

Face that FitsBack to the drama, and here’s a two-hander that sounds very intriguing – Moon Fly Theatre’s A Face That Fits. Read what they say: “Lights. A young man is sitting alone on a park bench. Enter stranger who requests to draw him. Intrigued, the young man agrees. A Face That Fits is a coming of age story that deals with the clashes of two different generations. Written by Sean Dennis Langtree, a play by Moon Fly Theatre Company making its world premiere at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.”

Face that Fits rehearsalSounds deceptively simple, doesn’t it? Apparently the play was inspired by an incident when Mr Langtree was approached by an intoxicated artist on a train, who asked if he could draw him. He said yes. More than that we do not know. A lot I think will depend on the interaction and chemistry between the two actors, Vincent Maguire as “Man” and Mark McMinn as “Boy”, but I reckon this could be a pretty powerful play. It starts at 17:05 at TheSpace @Surgeon’s Hall – third time we will have been there today – and lasts fifty minutes so check back around 6pm for our instant reactions and to see what we will be up to next.


Well we’ve all come out confused from that play. There are a few options as to what it all meant, but none of them quite make sense. If you understood it, please let us know, thanks.

After further thought I think there’s a decent play struggling to get out, but this wasn’t quite it. 

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