The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – A Little Respect

A Little RespectA Little Respect has already received some real rave reviews from its performances at the Brighton Fringe in May, and I confess, I am really pleased I booked this one! It sounds like that rare combination of a tight exciting script and fantastic acting. Here’s the blurb: “Following two critically acclaimed years at the Fringe, A Little Respect is Hungry Wolf’s 2015 offering. Irreverent and dark, A Little Respect is a sexy little thriller filled with intrigue, waspish one-liners and homoeroticism. What first appears to be a traditional piece of situation comedy quickly becomes something sharper and more sophisticated. Stolen kisses, adolescent cruelty and cyber revenge keeps you guessing until the final thrillingly hilarious scene. Fresh, spiky and funny, A Little Respect is a shot in the arm for Fringe theatre. ‘A massive highlight of Brighton Fringe’ ***** (”

A little more respectHungry Wolf Visionary Youth Theatre is, according to its website, “a new generation of youth theatre for Sussex’s most promising acting talent aged 15-21 years”. But what really impressed me was this extract from the review in “The New Current”: “A Little Respect is a game changer in how Youth Theatre in the UK can be done. Hungry Wolf have made a decision to treat their young company as mature adults which has in turn given them the tools they needed to excel in a show that is as hard and challenging as it is filled with some of the best one liners you’re going to hear.” The show is on at midday at TheSpace @ Surgeon’s Hall – Theatre 2 (so it’s nice and close to our first show today!) Please check back around 1pm to hear our instant reactions, and to see what’s coming up next. Really looking forward to this one!


That was just brilliant! A clever, funny, moving play about bullying and how to deal with it. It should be compulsory viewing for everyone. Superbly acted too. Everything you could want from a play about bullying and much more. Ovation material!

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