The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – Da-Da-Darling

Da-Da-DarlingSeeing as how we’ve been with friends all day and took in a lot of shows earlier on, we devoted a little longer than usual to the experience of Evening Dining Out During the Fringe tonight; but hopefully we’ll all be refreshed and ready to go for our penultimate show of the day – Impermanence Dance Theatre’s Da-Da-Darling. This is what the promotional blurb says: “Seven virtuoso performers combine in a thrilling surrealist piece of dance. A spellbinding and titillating look at Max Ernst’s unnerving collage-novel, A Little Girl Dreams of Taking the Veil, from the glamorous new force in dance-theatre, Impermanence. Created collaboratively by the performers, Da-Da-Darling is dreamlike entertainment full of love, sex and disorientation… Visions of broken milk teeth, fluttering dragonflies, writhing flesh, and a band of leech-charmers appear, as the performers’ bodies, clothed in timeless attire, oscillate between a story of innocence and sin… ‘Poetic, energetic, racy, vintage, stylish … their connection with the audience was electric’ (Simon Casson, Duckie).

Da-DaSounds like a challenging piece of dance to me. I’ve seen a brief trailer and it looks rather disturbing, slightly grotesque, but very flowing and expressive as well. The words “tragedy, glamour, violence, spectacle” appear at the end of the video – just like an evening at home, then. Max Ernst was at the forefront of surrealism and Dadaism (hence the title of the dance) – so I expect this will be thoroughly surreal too. There’s only one way to find out! It’s on at 22:15 at the Zoo – Sanctuary, so check back again around 11.30 to see how we got on. And to bid goodnight to Mr and Mrs Flag who by then will have done sterling Fringe service. Mrs Chrisparkle and I have got one more show to see though – so do look at the next preview blog to find out what it is.


Everything you wanted to know about Dada but were afraid to dance. Technically I thought they were brilliant, bringing a host of emotions and textures to their performance. As for its meaning, well make of it what you will. Certainly there was a lot of sexual exploitation going on, but I felt they were victims to all forces of nature. Complex and confusing, but very good stuff. 

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