The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – Spank (a second spanking)

SpankYes our final show of the night is the second visit this week to the Underbelly Cowgate (Belly Dancer) to see Spank, a riotous few hours spent in the company of James Loveridge, Abigoliah Schamaun, and a host of as yet unannounced guests. If you need reminding, here’s the deal: “Spank returns for an incredible 12th year with sexy hosts, awesome comedians and inevitable gratuitous nudity. You love it! ‘This is what the festival should be about’ (List). ‘Legendary party night … get down there right away!’ (Time Out).”

James LoveridgeWho knows what they will have in store for us tonight? I just hope it’s as good as it was last year! We’ll be starting here at midnight and going on till the wee hours. Maybe it’ll be best to check back in the morning for our reactions and to find out where we’ll be starting our Friday. Sleep well!


Spank (we love it) as funny as always, with our hosts on top form and a bunch of brilliant guests. We enjoyed sketch group Giraffe, Trinidadian Archie Maddocks, John Robertson of The Dark Room (he nicked my beer but was quite nice about it and good old James replenished me with a Sol), Papa CJ, Rhys Nicholson, Ian Smith, and Felicity Ward. The guys all struggled to be heard over the constant chat of a party of Underbelly box office girls who heeded not the beseech to “shut the f*ck up”, but never mind. And kudos to our naked promo, Tom who was representing a musical at 11:30 in the underbelly- but I can’t remember its name! Great night!

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