The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – I Went To A Fabulous Party…

I went to a fabulous partyI remember thinking, whilst I was combing the pages of this year’s Fringe brochure and carefully looking at the majority of the entries online, that there wasn’t much in the way of outrageously funny comic plays this year. And that was the main reason I alighted on I Went To A Fabulous Party… – it seemed one of the few adult plays that you would just expect to be a downright laugh. Here’s what the blurb says about it: “A party amongst friends gets saucy when two newcomers challenge the dynamic at married couple Matt and Lee’s. Booze flows, perceptions are upset and the guys get naughty. Apparently prudish Chris has long-held unrequited feelings for Lee; daddy (bear) to the gang Tom has been dumped; self-obsessed gym-bunny Paul has invited fresh-faced twink Josh along for a night he’ll not forget; and Matt’s new colleague Darren certainly makes his presence known. Camp, lively and fun, And Davies’s new gay comedy delivers sexy laughs – and maybe a bit of nudity too.”

I went to anotherSo, in the words of The Flintstones, I think we’re in for a gay old time. Sadly I read some of the reviews from its recent brief run at the King’s Head and, for the most part, they weren’t very complimentary. I have a horrible feeling I might find it just a tad under-subtle, both in terms of its sexual content and its humour. From what I’ve read that “bit of nudity” is actually, quite a lot of nudity. No problem with that at all, provided it’s there for a reason – and laughter certainly counts as a perfectly good reason. I don’t think I’m that easily shocked – I guess time will tell! It starts at 22:40 at C too Main House, so check back again around midnight to find out how I survived. And the preview blog for our final show of the day should be available too.


There’s the germ of a very good play here, but I felt it just didn’t quite make the mark. Whilst Young Josh’s baptism of fire into the world of big gay boys (so to speak) worked very well, and Tom’s contributions to the play make positive observations about body image (no gym bunny he) many of the other characters relied heavily on stereotypes for easy laughs. Nevertheless it’s very well acted, and nicely breaks a number of classic rules in an inventive production. And well done to “Fireman Nick” for being a good sport! 

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