The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – Michael Legge: Tell it Like it is, Steve

Michael LeggeGiving ourselves something of a lie-in, our first show today doesn’t actually start until this afternoon! It’s an hour of comedy with the unpredictably spiky Mr Michael Legge. Here’s what the blurb says: “What’s the bloody point of anything ever? I don’t know. What you asking me for? Anyway, that’s my new show. Starts at noon. Bloody noon! Christ. Michael Legge, as seen on The Alternative Comedy Experience, returns with his new show about meeting people and why it’s always awful. Want to meet your heroes? Yes? Considered whether they want to meet you? No? This is the tale about how Michael’s heroes made the mistake of meeting him. ‘Beautifully crafted fury’ (Scotsman). ‘…vitriolic observational stand-up at its finest’ (”

M LeggeThis is a great subject for a comedy show, because whenever you meet your heroes, they always have a knack of disappointing you. And the opposite is true, if you ever meet people who you have always instinctively not liked or not trusted, they darn well turn out to be nice people! So annoying! We’ve seen Mr Legge once before at one of our Screaming Blue Murder nights in Northampton and he was ace. He’s actually coming back this autumn but on a date that we can’t manage, so I feel entirely justified in spending some of my quality Edinburgh time in his company. He’s wrong, it’s not on at noon, it’s on at 12:10, in the Stand Comedy Club 2, and it lasts for an hour, so check back around 1.15 to find out just how brilliant he was. You can also find out about our next show.


As suspected, lots of meaty material for an hour full of angry railing against young people, heroes and hero-worshippers, but above all against himself for being a prick. (It’s self-confessed, so I’m not being critical). Ever wondered what a safe-Kettering holiday is? You might find out. Great entertainment, nicely deriding some of the worst aspects of Fringe-life too. Good stuff!

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