The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2016 – 47 Shows in 8 Days! First Show – James Wilson-Taylor: Ginger is the New Black, 20th August 2016

Edinburgh Fringe 2016This will be our third visit to the Edinburgh Fringe, having tried a long weekend in 2014 which we loved, and a full week last year which was smashing. In 2014 we aimed to see 20 shows and managed 19; last year we planned on 52 shows and hit 50. This year we’ve set our sights slightly lower, with a Fringe calendar encompassing 47 events, and time alone will tell how well we will do.

As last year, I’m proposing to prepare a preview-type blog post in advance for each show we’re seeing and then add my instant reactions in the few minutes I have afterwards, between shows. I think it’s worked well enough in previous years – but it would be impossible to write a full post about each show, there just wouldn’t be time! I’ll try to make it so that there’s always one preview blog on the go at any one time, so you always know what we’re seeing next.

James Wilson TaylorSo to kick off our Edinburgh week, our first show is James Wilson-Taylor: Ginger is the New Black, at the Underbelly, Cowgate (Belly Laugh) at 17:00 on Saturday 20th. Here’s the official promotional blurb: “Join James Wilson-Taylor for a musical history of the redhead as he attempts to end the bullying and rebrand gingers for 2016. Can he make Ed Sheeran less boring? Can he turn Ron Weasley into a sex symbol? And why do people think he’s a vampire? James is the writer and performer of Fringe comedy hits Batfan and I Need A Doctor: The Whosical. Other credits include Newsjack (BBC Radio 4 Extra) and the Musical Comedy Awards 2016 (semi-finalist).”

Think we’re starting our Fringe reasonably gently here with some good-humoured teasing of gingers, which can’t be all bad. I’ve not seen Mr Wilson-Taylor before but I’ve read good reports so I’m looking forward to an hour of hearty laughter. Check back after 6.15 pm to see how it went, and by then the next preview blog should be available to read too.

And if you’re up in Edinburgh, have a brilliant Fringe!

Post-show update:

Well that was great fun!! A wide and inventive selection of ginger stereotypes for James to get his teeth into. I particularly enjoyed Ron Weasley’s reincarnation as a sex God and the round of Hopkins or Hitler – he’s right, it’s definitely got legs. A packed house loved it. First class comedy! 

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