The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2016 – Present and Correct, 21st August 2016

Present and CorrectSo that was Saturday, here comes Sunday! For our first show of our second day, we’re starting with something (hopefully) funny, Present and Correct, produced by Dead Duck Productions at the Laughing Horse @ City Café, Blair Street, at 11:15am on Sunday 21st. Here’s the blurb: “Present and Correct returns for their fourth year at the Fringe, following a five-star show in 2015! Have you ever wondered what life is like for the stripper inside a cake? Ever wanted an owl that corrects grammatical mistakes? Or wanted to learn to drive on a space-hopper? Maybe you just want to see someone rant about a plastic kettle on Antiques Roadshow. This show has got it all! Get ready for original, energetic, and downright hilarious sketches from Present and Correct, as they bring you a masterpiece of sketch comedy – it’s not to be missed!”

I must say I like the sound of all those sketches! We’ve not seen Present and Correct before but it sounds like they’re very original in their material. I’ve tried to find out a bit more about the people behind it – but to no avail! Check back around 12.30 to see if we laughed and by then the preview blog for tomorrow’s second show should be available to read too.

Post-show update:

A really likeable sixsome of young performers give us a very fast and pacey sequence of sketches, nearly all of which gave us great laugh out loud moments, or if not left a nicely uncomfortable lump in your throat – the Happy Days healthcare system sketch being a case in point. I particularly loved the idea of the girl in the cake – very clever! A perfect way to start the day – and if they keep coming back to the Fringe I’m sure we’ll see them again!

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