The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2016 – M.I.S. – All Night Long, 21st August 2016

MIS All Night LongFor our first foray into the world of Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus this Fringe, our next show is M.I.S. – All Night Long, produced by the Danish Physical Theatre company, Don Gnu, at Dance Base, Grassmarket, at 13:00 on Sunday 21st. This is how it’s described on the website: “DON GNU are decked out in hand-knit socks and worn-out sandals and on the hunt for that dang thing called self. In a hard-boiled mix of jackass stunts, slapstick comedy and raw physicality, three men start their hunt. Outside their comfort zone and coming to grips with their inner beast, the Latino lover, the pushover, the best buddy and others enter a quiet battle for man’s right to be himself. A backdrop of absurd film projections and live club music set the scene for the characters’ physical endeavours – all night long!”

All Night LongThe “M.I.S.” part of the name stands for “Men in Sandals” and this apparently is the third part of a trilogy – and we haven’t seen the first two parts, so I hope that won’t matter! I’m expecting a lot of comic/physical theatre about what it is “to be a man”. Check back around 2.15 to find out if I discovered anything that I didn’t already know! By then the preview blog for our next show should be available to read too.

Post-show update:

Don GnuThat was absolutely great! An hour of constant surprises, performed with huge expertise and accuracy, terrific character, mutual challenges and loads of fun. It starts before it starts and it ends after it ends, if that makes sense. And yes, it did tell me more about what it’s like to be a man, with the macho rivalries, petty one-up-manships, gang mentality and a hundred things you can do with a plank. On our performance, there was a problem with the music – it failed halfway through – and the guys dealt with it immaculately. Highly recommended and very very funny. 

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