The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2016 – James Loveridge: Castles in the Sand, 23rd August 2016

James LoveridgeOur next show stars someone we saw last night! For the first time we’re getting to see James Loveridge doing his own stand-up material rather than co-hosting Spank! The show’s called Castles in the Sand, and it’s on at The Liquor Room at the Laughing Horse @ The Hanover Tap (long name!), Hanover Street, at 20:45 on Tuesday 23rd. Here’s the blurb according to the website: “James once has sex in a cage, whilst a stranger’s rabbit watched him from an ironing board. This story will not be featuring in the show… ‘Undoubtedly the best free show that I have seen at the Fringe.’ ***** ( ***** ‘Loveridge brought out some of the shock and awe – all with a smile on his face, too’ ( **** ‘He had the rest of us in stitches throughout a polished yet ever-evolving act, with asides and quips just as strong his actual jokes’ (Skinny).”

James Loveridge againI’m really looking forward to seeing James do his proper material as he’s a naturally funny and friendly guy on stage and I’m sure he’ll just blow us away. Check back about 9:45 to see if he’s as good a stand-up as a compere, and by then the preview blog for our next show should be available to read too.

Post-show update:

JLoveridgeHe sure did! That was fun! James takes us through an hour of embarrassing recollections, some of which involve sand (ahem), as well as some surprising comic stories from his current and previous relationships (sounds like he was well out of one of them). We can add our cringey reminiscences to the mix too, which is a nice way of involving the audience. He’s got a gently laddish way about him which makes it easy for someone like me to relate to his escapades! Full of laughs – everything you want from an hour’s stand up! 

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