The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2016 – Crazed, 24th August 2016

CrazedWe will be tearing ourselves away from lingering at the pub for lunch in order to catch our next play, which is Crazed, produced by Ecce Theatre at Studio 3 @ C Nova, at the India Buildings, Victoria Street, at 15:05 on Wednesday 24th. Here’s the blurb: “Callie, Liv, Joe, Milo, Nick and Rosie are half way through the best years of their life, at Manchester University surrounded by drinks, drugs and drama. As the year unfolds they are forced to ask: how well do you really know your best friends? But when everyone is off their heads, what about consent? Ecce Theatre’s brand new production, Crazed, presents an open and honest account of student life.”

More CrazedLast year we saw a fantastic play – Wasted – about when casual sex takes place without specific consent and becomes rape – and I’m wondering whether this play is going to have a similar theme. It certainly sounds intriguing. Check back about 4.20 to see what the play was all about and by then the preview blog for our next show should be available to read too.

Post-show update:

I was right – it did remind me of Wasted and unfortunately it wasn’t quite as good a play; it had a really sudden ending and so many of the plot threads seemed unresolved – not only the key relationship between Milo and Callie but all the tensions and relationships between all the characters. Nevertheless, you got a really good sense of what it’s like to be a student nowadays, and the cast all turned in very good performances – no cast lists unfortunately, but I particularly enjoyed the performances of the actors who played Liv, Callie and Milo. 

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