The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2016 – Another Fine Mess, 25th August 2016

Another Fine MessBreaking our usual rules about only seeing things in Edinburgh that we would not be able to see at home, we’re next off to see Northampton’s own White Cobra Productions’ performance of Another Fine Mess at Space 2 @ The Space on the Mile, 80 High Street, at 19:05 on Thursday 25th. Here’s the blurb: “Laurel and Hardy’s slapstick comedy still makes people laugh nearly 100 years after they made their first film together. Their rib-tickling rendition of The Trail of the Lonesome Pine even got to number 2 in the UK Singles Chart in 1975. Theirs was a partnership – and friendship – that lasted a lifetime. In Another Fine Mess, we meet Stephen and Phil, whose tribute act to the duo includes some of their classic sketches. But as they rehearse in the back room of a pub, a shocking revelation from Phil threatens everything.”

Laurel and HardyWe’ve seen these performers a couple of times now, so I’m looking forward to seeing them again in something new; and this sounds like it should be a lot of fun. Check back around a quarter past eight to see how much we laughed, and by then the preview blog for our next show should be available to read too.

Post-show update:

AFMIntriguing little play depicting the real life anguish of three old friends – two of whom form a Laurel and Hardy tribute act – as they come to terms with some bad news… I’ll say no more on the plot front! Richard Jordan and Paul Fowler’s loving interpretation of Laurel and Hardy is delightfully observed with an excellent feel for the relationship between the two and brings back that charming age of vintage comedy. You’ll be singing The Trail of the Lonesome Pine for the rest of the evening! The packed audience gave it a great reception and if you like Laurel and Hardy you’ll love this! 

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